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How To Last Longer In Bed

For many men lasting in bed for hours is only something they see in movies and to have wild and long sexual experience remains a dream. While some men are aware they suffer from premature ejaculation there are others who think there is something terribly wrong about them. Premature ejaculation is easily treated so the dream of lasting longer in bed may become a reality. To end this condition that affects all men at some point of their lives, men need to learn some techniques and train both their bodies and their minds. There are many remedies and treatments available but since PE is in most cases caused by both psychological and physical underlying factors, one remedy may only treat the body while the mind keeps on doing the same wrong pattern of activities that ruin sexual performance. Several e-books have been written that can help men overcome their PE problem. They offer solutions by educating males about sex, relaxation and masturbation, breathing and mind control. Even if your PE is serious and you have to take pills, you can always benefit from the following tips:

>Think of sex as of the most intimate share of emotions between two partners. If you forget about your own ego and discuss with your girlfriend the positions she likes, if you spend more time on foreplay, kiss and cuddle her more, then you may see some positive changes in the quality of your sexual  intercourses.

>Try different position as there are positions that can bring you to orgasm fast or delay your ejaculation. The best position is with the woman on top that helps men relax and reduce the arousal.

>Learn how to control your mind during sexual intercourse so you can focus on sexual pleasure not performance. Stop worrying about whether you will perform well or not, enjoy the moments and do not think about how to last longer in bed.

>Practice different masturbation techniques and be aware of your own arousal levels. When you masturbate, do it  for that period of time you would like your sexual intercourse to last. Learn about how to reach the edge of no return without ejaculating as this helps you stop during sex to delay ejaculation.

>Control your breathing because when you are aroused it becomes fast and shallow which triggers ejaculation. Breathe in deeply and exhale properly, do not let your partner’s arousal change the way you breathe. This is not an easy thing to do, but works wonders in making it possible for you to control your arousal.

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Ejaculation Trainer Review

Around 20 to 40% of men of all ages have at some point in their sexual lives suffered from premature ejaculation. Although not a disease, PE can ruin relationships  and in more severe cases cause men to avoid any physical contact with the opposite sex. There is not a strict time limit when it comes to how long an intercourse should last, but if ejaculation happens before both partners desire then there is a problem that needs treatment. Experts make a distinction between primary and secondary premature ejaculation, with the former usually being present for a longer period of time and in most cases caused by physical and psychological underlying factors. Secondary PE is indicated by ejaculation that happens too soon, leaving both partners unhappy. Most men experience secondary PE when stressed or when for some reason their self confidence and hormone levels are low. Good news is that PE can be treated without pills, sprays or creams. All you need is a new e-book called Ejaculation Trainer that teaches men how to control their urge to ejaculate.

What Makes Ejaculation Trainer Unique

With so many books written on this topic, one might ask whether this e-book is really as effective as some people claim it to be. This book is in fact a system that teaches men how to control their mind and body in order to be able to control ejaculation. The Ejaculation Trainer offers simple exercises so you can control your breathing and your thoughts, physical control exercises to strengthen your PC muscles and other muscles responsible for ejaculation and techniques that will enable you to regulate your hormone levels. When men are aroused their breathing is shallow and fast, their only biological thought being that of ejaculation. This unique e-book teaches men how to breathe properly and what is more, what sexual positions can make them last longer in bed. Most men are not aware that Serotonin can delay ejaculation while high levels of Testosterone and Dopamine cause men to ejaculate quickly. According to PE Reviews the Ejaculation Trainer ”educates males how to increase the Serotonin levels and maintain a healthy hormonal balance.” Another important issue when talking about PE is masturbation. Since so many men develop wrong masturbation habits, they get used to quick orgasms. Some useful tips for changing these habits can be found in the Ejaculation Trainer e-book, such as how to masturbate to the edge of ejaculation, and stopping before your reach the point of no return. The e-book does not offer a miraculous, fast recovery and it may take some time before you can last in bed for more than 20 minutes. If you are persistent enough to change the thinking patterns, you may finally feel like a real man who can sexually satisfy any woman.

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Ejaculation Guru Review: How this Product Could Help

For men who suffer from premature ejaculation, it would be a good move to try Ejaculation Guru. There are now a lot of people who were convinced that the product really works in helping men eliminate ejaculation issues permanently in a naturally way. This is one of the reasons why this ejaculation guru review is made. We all know how embarrassing it is to ejaculate quickly. It is very important to deal with it in order to enjoy sex more and to avoid any problems in the relationship.

Ejaculation Guru Review: Understanding Ejaculation Issues

Surely a lot of men had experienced ejaculating quickly in about a minute or two after starting sex. This really happen sometimes, but if ever you always have the same experience over and over again, this is something that you have to address fast. One of the main reasons why you climax early is because of too much excitement. It is just normal for a man to visit a doctor after observing about this condition. Often times, this health professional would simply prescribe you with pills and creams to deal with the problem. Some of these works but many do not and for those products that worked; the problem is the results are only temporary.

Learning More about Ejaculation Guru

If you fail to satisfy your partner, it would surely be a big problem. It is our aim to help you that is why this ejaculation guru review is made. If you will do some research online about effective solution to ejaculation issues, one of the popular options is Ejaculation Guru. This is because everything in this product really works. There are many who tried it and were satisfied on how it helped them a lot in dealing with PE problem. Since the techniques and methods offered in the product could bring long-term results, it makes the product a cost-effective option to the problem.

How it works?

This ejaculation guru review guarantees that you will learn a lot in the product. There are lots of information you could find about sex and premature ejaculation. You will be introduced to various sex positions to last longer, exercises to perform in order to have better ejaculation control, techniques and tips on how to satisfy your woman without ejaculating quickly. All of this is aimed to make your sex experience better.

The product is certainly something that men with premature ejaculation problem should consider. We created this ejaculation guru review to help you make the right decision in dealing with the problem.

Visit for a more in depth review on the Ejaculation Guru by Jack Grave.

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Tips On How To Last Longer In Bed

Most adult females have become concerned about their men’s inability to survive longer in bed and fully satisfy their sexual desires. Even so, statistics have proven that women can be fully satisfied after about 20-40 minutes of sex, but it totally depends on the techniques applied by the couples during the exercise. On the other hand, an average man can sustain up to 5-10 minutes of sex, hence being unable to last long and totally satisfy a woman. Essentially, some men suffer from premature ejaculation and if you are one of them, here are helpful tips for how to last longer in bed that you should exploit.

Tip #1: Shun deep penetration

If you can be able to avoid deep penetration during sex and shift your focus to the clitoral head where sensitive nerves are situated in a woman, there is the likelihood that your woman will reach orgasm. Hence, it is advisable that as a man you penetrate 2-3 inches into a woman’s vagina and ensure that you modify your movements to stimulate her quickly and at the same time avoid fast ejaculation.

Tip #2: Make use of desensitizing rubbers

Desensitizing condoms are quite useful in dealing with premature ejaculation because they aid in pushing back ejaculatory responses during the exercise. Therefore, you should ensure that you use them, if you think you have a problem and would like to endure longer in bed. As such, desensitizing rubbers contain, benzocaine, a lubricant that pushes back responses only if they are used correctly. Therefore, it is essential that you wear them well because wearing them inside out can cause the lubricant to find its way into the vagina and desensitize your woman.

Tip #3: Engage in Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises can enable you to tighten muscles that enable you to control ejaculation. The exercise works by making you understand how to interrupt urine flow, tighten the muscles and avoid fast ejaculation. Thus, exercising on regular intervals can make you perfect and even enable you to acquire self-control necessary for you to last longer during sexual intercourse.

For more tips watch the following video as it clearly explains how to use masturbation to help you increase your sexual stamina.

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